What is your Cancellation Policy?

There are three main cancellation policies, depending on the specific tour or activity you choose. Please be sure to verify which one is applicable to your chosen activity prior to confirming your reservation.

This information can be found on every product we offer under the ‘Cancellation Policy’ section.

If you have an existing reservation, you can verify the applicable cancellation policy by checking the “Cancellation Policy” section of your ticket for the detailed cancellation policy for your specific activity.

  1. Most of our products are covered by the standard cancellation policy. For these products, you can cancel your booking for a full refund up until 24 hours in advance of your activity. You can cancel your booking by following the instructions found here.
  2. Some of our products are All-Sales-Final, meaning that these reservations cannot be changed or cancelled for any reason. Therefore, the ‘Cancel my Booking’ option will not appear for these reservations.
  3. Other products have ‘non-standard’ cancellation terms. These products will indicate the specific terms and conditions in the ‘Cancellation Policy’ section on the product brochure page. If a requested cancellation isn’t due a full refund, you will not be able to initiate a cancellation online. In these cases, please call the phone number listed under the ‘Need to Make Changes or Cancel?’ section of your ticket for assistance.